How Our CSA Works


As is the nature of the CSA model, our members are sharing in the rewards and risks of agriculture with the farmers.  Although the farmers aim to supply an ample quantity of many different vegetables and fruits, there is no guarantee that any specific fruit or vegetable, or any specific quantity, will be distributed.

The Greenwood Heights CSA offers two different types of shares to our members: full shares and half shares.  The purchase of a full or half vegetable share is compulsory, but all other shares (fruit, eggs, etc.) are optional.

Full Share Membership:  Members with full shares pick up their share of produce every week.  A full share provides a household of 2-4 people with enough vegetables for a week.  An average produce share includes a quantity of 6-10 different vegetables, totaling 5-15 pounds of fresh produce.

Half Share Membership:  Members with half shares pick up their share of produce every other week.  This is enough produce to supplement two weeks of meals for a two person household.  This produce share includes a quantity of 6-10 different vegetables, totaling 5-15 pounds of fresh produce.

Additional Shares:  Members also have an option to add a fruit, egg, dairy, meat, maple syrup, and/or sockeye salmon shares to their produce share.


Season: June 10th – November 4th

Full Vegetable Shares (22 weeks): $585.00
Half Vegetable Shares (11 weeks): $305.00

Full Fruit Shares (18 weeks): $175.00
Half Fruit Shares (9 weeks): $87.50

Full Egg Shares (20 weeks): $127.50
Half Egg Shares (10 weeks): $63.75

Gallon Milk Full Shares (20 weeks):
Gallon Milk Half Shares (10 weeks):

Quart Yogurt Full Shares (20 weeks):
Quart Yogurt Half Shares (20 weeks):

Sockeye salmon share (One time pick-up in September – appx. 12 lb. share): $210.00

Half Pork or Beef Shares (11 weeks): $528.00
Quarter Pork or Beef Shares (6 weeks): $288.00
Quarter Veal Shares (6 weeks): $480.00

Every Membership is charged $20 for the season.  This money affords the CSA to purchase new equipment, as well as maintain our website and other technology costs.

The CSA distribution location is Slope Park, located on 6th avenue, between 18th and 19th streets in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn.  Distributions occur between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Saturdays, from early June through the end of October.

A swap box is present at every distribution.  If there is an item in your vegetable share that you don’t wish to have, you have the option to simply not take it, or you can trade it for something from the swap box.  The swap box is for vegetables only.

All memberships of our CSA, at least one person per membership, must schedule and work one distribution shift during the season.  The hours for the shift are 8:15 am – 12:00 pm on Saturdays.  Most members enjoy their shift tremendously — it is a fantastic way to meet your neighbors and feel more connected to your community.

The Greenwood Heights CSA is proud to sponsor the Gowanus Canal Conservancy, environmental stewards of the Gowanus Canal Watershed.

Food Not Bombs has been a longtime partner of the Greenwood Heights CSA.  Volunteers from FNB come to our CSA every week and take all leftover foods to their distribution site where it is given to our Brooklyn neighbors in need.

The Greenwood Heights CSA believes good food should be available to everybody.  With this in mind, we are happy to offer partial scholarships to a handful of members who need a little helping hand paying their CSA tab.

We are a neighborhood CSA run by our own members. A voluntary core group of members takes on much of the administrative management of the CSA. This includes signing up new members, collecting members payments, running the distribution site, and planning community-building or educational events.  We gladly trade our services for fresh, delicious food.