Work Shift FAQs

See below for a list of common questions we receive about the mandatory CSA work shift.  If you have questions that are not answered below, please reach out to the CSA Core directly.


Q: Who works the CSA Distributions?
A: One person per membership must work one distribution shift during the season, though more than one person is welcome to work the shift.  Children are also welcome to work the shifts with their parents or guardians.  We will happily work with members having a hard time fulfilling their shift requirement.  There are many jobs that need to be done, and not all of them are at the distribution.  However, memberships who fail to work a shift during the season will not be invited back next year.

Q: Where and when does the distribution take place?
A: The distributions take place every Saturday morning during the season. The distribution site is Slope Park, which is a playground located on 6th Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets, in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn.
Please note: pets are not allowed in Slope Park.

Q: How long does the work shift last?
A: All workers should be at the distribution site by 8:30 AM for set up. The shift usually ends by 11:30 AM, once everything is put away and cleaned up.

Q: Will there be somebody leading the distribution crew?
A: Yes! There will be one distribution captain present at every distribution to help things run smoothly.  If you are interested in becoming a distribution captain, please email us.

Q: What will I be doing during my shift?
A:  Before the distribution opens: Assisting with setting up the tent and banner, setting up the tables and scales, carrying last week’s empty crates from the park office to the farmer’s truck, carrying crates of produce from the farmer’s truck to set up on the tables.

During the distribution: Checking names against the membership list for vegetables, eggs, fruit, dairy and bread shares, refilling the produce as necessary to create a sense of bounty, and stacking the empty crates for easy clean-up.

After the distribution closes: Cleaning the tables, taking down the tent, sweeping and putting everything away with care, carrying and stacking the crates in the park office.

Q: I’m pregnant or injured; will I be able to work a distribution?

A: Yes!  We have many jobs to be completed in the course of a distribution that require little or no lifting and are ideal for those who are unable to undertake the more physical jobs during a distribution.  Simply alert your distribution captain upon arrival and they’ll be sure to find you a job that suits your needs. 

Q: What should I bring?
A: We will have everything needed at the site. We do suggest wearing comfortable, weather appropriate clothes that you won’t mind getting a bit dirty and possibly wet.

Q: What if I need to change my work shift?
A: You have the ability to cancel the work shift you signed up for.  Simply open the confirmation email you received when you signed up for your shift and click on the link provided and and sign up for another work shift that better fits with your schedule. NOTE: if you need to change within 48 hours of a distribution, please also email the Core to alert them to this change and ensure proper staffing. If there is not other shift available, just let us know.  We will help find a shift that fits into your schedule.

Q: How do I sign up for my work shift?
A: Sign up for your work shift at our Work Shift Sign-up Page.