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ee below for a list of FAQs about CSA Distributions.

The 2019 CSA Season is:  Saturday June 8  –  Saturday Nov. 2nd  (22 weeks)

Q: Where is the distribution held?

A: The distribution site is Slope Park Playground, located on 6th Avenue between 18th & 19th Streets in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn.
Please Note: According to the playground rules, pets are not allowed in the park.

Q: What time can I pick up my share?

A: Distributions take place from 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM on Saturdays during the season.

Q: What if I can’t pick up my share?

A: You are welcome to have a friend or neighbor pick up your share.  Simply have them provide the sign-in desk with your name. Please note that the CSA is not liable for any share swaps or pick ups. If you or someone else is unable to pick up your share, we will donate it to Food Not Bombs, a great community organization that will make sure that your share is given to a family in need.  

Q: Can I swap my share with another member?

A: Absolutely!  If you’re going to be out of town or otherwise unavailable and want to swap your share you may do so. You can do so independently or facilitated through the Google Group.  Please note that the CSA is not liable for any swaps.  Please double check dates and details to avoid any miscommunications or mistakes.  We cannot distribute extra shares in the event of a mistaken pick-up.

Q: Are you able to hold my share until 11:05?

A: Unfortunately, no.  To respect the time and hard work of our volunteers, the distribution closes sharply at 11:00 AM. After this time, your share will be forfeited.

Q: Do you provide bags to pick up my share?

A: We do not provide complimentary bags or containers to pick up your share. Please plan to bring bags to tote home your goods. We do, however, have canvas CSA bags you may purchase for $10 each.

Q: How many volunteers are there working a distribution?

A: There are 6-8 volunteers working each distribution, as well as a Distribution Captain overseeing the operation.

Q: What happens if there is a problem with my share? 

A: Each distribution has a Distribution Captain who will be willing to assist you during pick-up as needed.  Additionally, Core members are often on-hand to assist and available via email.


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