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    Finally, as an official CSA member, I can say it: I’m against the Swap Box. The Swap Box, as you may know, is the box where members can abandon a CSA item in the hopes of finding something they like better. What’s so wrong? Though, I have no argument with individual members exchanging whatever they want, whenever they want,  I don’t think the CSA should endorse this practice. Quick. Check my icebox. Yes. There. There within my crisper. Seven of last fall’s beets moldering for the last seven months. I like beets as much as the next gal but they sure do bleed over everything. A regular gore feast. So…

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    Fermenting Ourselves

    CSA members and friends, this year I’m officially a member of our CSA. It’s been an amazing and satisfying experience to be able to witness how one small, but growing, neighborhood organization can actually have a profound influence in a community. Gregg, Dana, Liza and I founded the Greenwood Heights CSA eight years ago when our neighborhood lacked immediate access to fresh local food. We were lucky that Associated Market and Steve’s C-Town had any fresh food but we craved local, seasonal produce. I knew north of here, folks had things like the co-op, a farmer’s market, even a CSA but I felt our neighborhood could support its own food…

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    Introducing the swap box

    Beginning this Saturday, July 6th (our first day back in Slope Park), the CSA will be providing our members with a Swap Box.  This idea has been pitched by many of our members, and after discussing it with our farmer, Ben Shute, it is becoming a reality.