Kale Chips

The eighth season of our CSA opens for business tomorrow, June 7, 2015!

It’s kale chip time.

Liza, one of our founding members, said that she knew it was time to retire from the core committee when she got tired of telling members how to make kale chips.

And now there’s this:


Popping out on mailboxes and storefronts across the neighborhood–cheering me on and mocking me. And, a very personal reminder that our CSA members are starting this season with all different points of view and relationships to food.

Part of the excitement of being in a CSA is getting a chance to learn more about where our food actually, practically comes from and how the choices we make can increase the success of our small farm.

Maybe this season you’ll become a food justice advocate. Maybe you’ll go up to Hearty Roots for the first (or eighth) time. Maybe this will be your year to teach someone else how to make kale chips.

Chip it forward.