Finally, as an official CSA member, I can say it: I’m against the Swap Box.

The Swap Box, as you may know, is the box where members can abandon a CSA item in the hopes of finding something they like better. What’s so wrong? Though, I have no argument with individual members exchanging whatever they want, whenever they want,  I don’t think the CSA should endorse this practice.

Quick. Check my icebox. Yes. There. There within my crisper. Seven of last fall’s beets moldering for the last seven months. I like beets as much as the next gal but they sure do bleed over everything. A regular gore feast.


So why don’t I just swap them?

By joining a CSA we support a farmer who decides, week to week, what to harvest on our behalf. Hearty Roots does an impressive job of providing quality and variety. I signed up for the opportunity to figure out what to do with too many beets. CSA gives members the opportunity to experience what it’s really like to eat seasonally and that doesn’t always add up to what’s on our shopping list. Adjusting to this idea takes time and a certain degree of openness.

We are so fortunate to have access to everything all the time. A foremost pleasure of joining a CSA is remembering that we are resourceful, creative and adaptable.

I would never swap that.